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My Pro Hero has a world class set of coaches using UHWK cameras to coach players from new angles never before seen possible.

I first learned of the UHWK camera from the Brampton Thunder of the CWHL and watched footage from their game on February 21st against the Calgary Inferno - I was amazed with the quality of the footage and the fantastic point of view that it gave viewers. I was looking for a way to jump start our coaching platform, and immediately contacted UHWK, knowing that footage from their cameras would be a great way to engage our players and coaches. With the help of UHWK's amazing staff, we were able to get cameras for our coaches.

Neither player nor coach noticed the camera during the sessions other than to say they loved it! The design of the UHWK Show coupled with the ultralight mount made it possible for the players to wear the cameras without it interfering with the game. Both player and coach wear the cameras for practice sessions and we posted the footage on our YouTube, Twitter and Facebook pages and as well broke the video down for amazing 1-on-1 coaching sessions using the Google+ platform.


The footage was crystal clear and the players were totally engaged with the cameras - in fact, our world class coaching staff uses the UHWK Show to help players improve their mechanics and think the game better. UHWK is the future ans MyProHero is the service to make the most out becoming a better player from your UHWK helmet camera footage.