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UHWK is the developer of the POV player camera. A sporting goods company with a specialization in consumer electronics and sports, UHWK is breaking ground in the way teams and athletes see the game. The company was founded by Shea Kewin; a serial entrepreneur, university graduate and athlete.


UHWK's is headquarter in one of the fastest growing technology hubs of the world, Kitchener Ontario. The roster is equipped with specialists in sales, marketing, technology development, manufacturing and strategic planning.



Named after the spirit animal meaning of the hawk and a tip of the hat to it's appearance, the brand's first tool is designed to enhance both precision and vision, while exuding a sense of spirit, wisdom and freedom. The debut camera is a intelligently designed camera that is the first in the world to conform to the head, body or helmet.

To learn more about the future of UHWK and the people behind it, contact info@uhwk.com

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