Helping You Reach Your Potential

Inspired by the training models followed by fighter jet pilots and the military for decades, the UHWK Show gives athletes the ability to identify habits, evaluate decision making and improve spatial awareness. While consistent advancements have been made in the way that athletes prepare themselves physically, few advancements have been made in mental or cognitive training even though these skills are the true difference between winning and losing. The UHWK Show amplifies skill sessions and post-play video analysis with this all-new perspective that players and coaches can more vividly recall and relate to, building confidence and having fun all along the way.

Marketing Yourself or Your Program

If it doesn't live online, it doesn't live at all. 
We go to such great lengths to be our best whether as a player, parent, coach or promoter. So many great and unexpected things happen in our lives that deserve to be shared with the world and to live on forever. The versatility of UHWK allows you to create amazing content that is so unique you will be amazed how quickly you get noticed.

Policing Sports

Body cameras have proven to curb violence.
Professionals by day, professionals by night. Officials wearing UHWK have noticeably seen improvements in the amount of abuse taken by coaches and parent as no one wants to be the next bad viral video at the office the next day. Players also carry more respect for their opponents on the ice when the video doesn't lie. Contact us to learn how we can add value to your league.