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UHWK HD POV Sports Player Camera

UHWK HD POV Sports Player Camera

UHWK HD POV Sports Player Camera


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The UHWK Show is the most durable HD POV camera built specifically for sports. Slick, tough and weighing just 1oz, it's perfect for athletes of any sport. It's also perfect for training in sports due to its ergonomics and one button control.

What the pros are saying

RYAN BENESCH, NLL All-Star, Buffalo Bandits
"It's finally here. This is the best piece of equipment I have seen for a player, ever. Knowing you are going to re-watch your play wearing UHWK, just dials you in to that hawk-like focus whether in practice or game. UHWK is going to be the secret sauce behind the next generation of super athletes."

REBECCAH JOHNSTON, 2x Olympic Champion
"I love the design and branding. The UHWK looks so cool and fashionable all my teammates always ask me how to get one."

MANDY BUJOLD, Rio 2016x Olympian / 9x National Champion
“This a huge advantage for any athlete willing to do extra to be the best. Seeing myself from my opponents or coaches eyes allows me to evaluate my technique and improve my performance, while seeing my opponents from my own eyes again allows me to expose holes in their defence and perfect my offence. This could hold true across almost any sport.”

JOSH WROBEL, Elitehockey IQ, Hockey Skills Coach
“I used UHWK all summer to take videos for my clients whether they were NHL All-Stars like Stamkos, Domi and Paccioretty or for up-and-comers. Having their training session from my eyes was not only great for them, but it also allowed me to easily market myself as a coach. I use UHWK for its ease of use, versatility and ‘cool factor’. Players were always asking me where to get one"



Designed for athletes by athletes.

UHWK is the world’s most durable HD POV camera designed specifically for sports.

UHWK HD POV Sports Player Camera
  • Feather Light

    Only 1 ounce yet tough enough for a hockey, football or lacrosse player. 1080p HD Video
  • 1080p HD Video

    Clean high-definition video that is fixed in focus. Easily see the length of football field.
  • Powerful Battery Life

    Over 110 minutes of battery life packed inside. Perfect for recording a whole game or practice.
  • Universal Mounting

    The UHWK mounting system is the only system that works with any helmet and shouldn't void your helmet manufacturer's warranty. All helmet mounting hardware included as well as an adjustable headband for wearing without helmet.

Tiny package, big punch.

UHWK gives you everything you need to replay, review and relive the game.

Tiny package, big punch.
  • Video

    Video: 1920*1080P HD 30 Frames Per Second
    720P HD 60 Frames Per Second
    View: 150 Degree Wide Angle Field of View
    Format: MOV
  • Battery

    Battery Life: 750mAh / 1.5+ Hour Recording Time
    Battery Type: USB rechargeable
  • Operations

    Using Environment: Outdoor / Sports
    Operating Temperature: -20 to +50 degree celsius
    External Memory: Supports up to 32GB SD (Approx. 10 hours of video)
    Player Software: Windows, Mac + Mobile Compatible
    Operating Indicator: LED Illumination
  • Microphone

    High quality mono recording capability lets you pick up audio from across the rink or as close as your own breath.